We, at Wayne Kerr Electronics Private Limited, deal in High Precision Impedance Analyzers, LCR Meters, Component Analyzers, Inductance Analyzers, Magnetic Analyzers, Capacitance Meters, High Voltage Insulation Testers, Impulse Testers, Cable Harness Testers etc.


The 3255BL may only be used with the 3265B/5A and 3265B/10A, 5A and 10A DC bias units. Multiple instruments may be connected in parallel to give a maximum DC bias current of up to 50A which may be set in steps of 25 mA.

The 6430B and 6440B Precision Component Analyzers provide thorough and accurate testing of any passive component to high resolution. In particular, for capacitor manufacturers, the instruments provide capabilities for both fast automatic production testing and complete design characterization.

Accuracy and versatility makes the 6500P Series HF LCR Meters the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications in manufacturing and test. The wide range of frequency specifications means that a model can be selected that best meets application requirements and within budget.

The 3255B range of inductance analyzers are able to accurately characterise devices in a clear and simple manner. The inductance analyzers are available in three versions 3255BL (200kHz), 3255B (500kHz) and 3255BQ (1 MHz).

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