About Us

Wayne Kerr Electronics Private Limited, India deals in electronic test equipment, manufactured by Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd, UK and Danbridge Electronics, Denmark.

Wayne Kerr began in 1946 in London, UK. Over the past 70 years Wayne Kerr Electronics has become the leading manufacturer of electronic test equipment worldwide. It specializes in providing high accuracy and quality in component testing equipment (wide range LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers) and satisfactory technical support and services to its worldwide customers.

The acquisition of Danbridge Electronics, Denmark in 2011 enabled Wayne Kerr to help them expand their product portfolio in the field of capacitance and resistance measurement. Danbridge has been recognized as a market leader in high precision test equipment for the measurement of passive components. Its wide instrument range includes high speed LCR Meters, Resistance and Insulation Testers which complement the existing Wayne Kerr products extending the precision measurement solutions available to many customers in the research, test and measurement industry.

Products supplied by us are satisfactorily being used for the last several decades by leading manufacturing industries, technical and research institutes, universities, calibration laboratories, defence establishments etc. worldwide including India. To cater to research applications, we also supply integrated systems consisting of the above mentioned equipment along with specific application oriented – High/Low Temperature accessories (Furnaces, Cryostat, Temperature Controller, Sample Holders and Software etc.)

Also, in order to improve our local support within India, especially as a consequence of the advanced technology used in our range of products, we have our service centre/calibration laboratory in India. This ensures a greater technical assistance and an improved after sales service support to our valuable customers.

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